My Goal for 2023

2022 Was a solid year, which consisted of 81 closings totaling $18.3 million. Inflation put a dent in the numbers in Q1, as I lost $11 million in deals due to the jump in rates. However, we measure success based on what you did, not what you could have done.

For 2023, the goal isn’t just based on pretty stats, but also brand establishing in new markets. Right now, my main markets are FL, TX, NC, SC, and VA. I have my eyes on a few more markets to break into as I aim to become the go-to DSCR broker in the country.

As for the numbers, I’m going for 120 closings, which will result in a YOY growth of 48%. If achieved, this will put me at 258 closings in my first 3 full years. That’s after the Covid hit and inflation. A few of the markets I’m breaking into offer higher loan amounts. Based on my expectations, if I hit my goal of 120 closings, it should total around $35M in volume, which will be almost double last years numbers.

I’m on a mission to become a $100M/yr broker. It’s an uphill battle, but as I continue to offer the best terms in the market, work around the clock for my clients, and grow my brand, I know it’s only a matter of time.

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  1. Rick Patterson

    Let’s get to $250M with a collab. Looking to work with other brokers hat specialize in certain types of loans that compliment each other. Let’s talk to see how we can grow. 302-583-2915

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