Investor friendly loans

With over 2 million real estate investors in America, many don’t know the best options for their investing journey. As a broker, my mission is to connect investors with lenders that offer the best terms for their investment goals.

About Me

Born & raised in West Palm Beach, FL, I’ve spent most of my life involved in the world of real estate. As a teen, I’d spend my summers with my mom and stepfather traveling for their home remodeling business. In my early twenties, I became a realtor in Richmond, VA while also becoming a father to my two sons, Levi and Aiden. Always having a passion for numbers, I branched off to the financing side of the industry. I’ve developed a passion for helping investors grow their portfolios and since then, I’ve closed millions of dollars in loans. No matter the size of the deal, I’ve learned empires are established one deal at a time.