Do your lenders require experience?

I have lenders that offer financing for avid investors and first time investors.

Do you offer fix and flip loans?

While I don’t market to the fix and flip industry, I will offer financing assistance from time to time if the deal is in place.

What’s the main difference between conventional and private lending?

Conventional financing (banks) require certain levels of income, DTI, and employment to qualify. The private lending sector (non-qm), relies simply on the borrowers credit score and the cash flow of the property. In other words, private lending is more suitable for self-employed and avid investors.

How long are the financing options?

All my lenders offer 30-year terms.

Do your lenders report the loans to the credit bureaus?

No, because of this, investors are able to grow their portfolios quicker and not have any trouble.

Does the property need to be occupied to qualify?


Is there a seasoning period?

No. One of my lenders doesn’t require a seasoning period. This has lead to us being the go-to option for BRRRR investors.

What’s the minimum required credit score?


What’s the minimum property value?

$100k for single assets and $40k per door for commercial properties.

What’s the maximum LTV?

75% for cash-out refinance

80% for purchase

Can I close in an LLC?


Do you do portfolio loans?


What are the portfolio loan requirements?

Minimum value of $75k per property and the properties must be in the same state with a minimum of 3 properties bundled together in the deal.

How long is the financing process?

Typically 3-4 weeks.